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He developed a reputation in Vampire Hunter by setting a 286-win streak record in a single outing before he was forced to leave due to Sega now Club Sega game center closing for the day. Umehara returned to America to join a tournament called Season's Beatings, held October 16—18 in Columbus, Ohio. Umehara only entered the 3rd Strike exhibition, but defeated all of his opponents, ending each round with 's fierce. He also attended an exhibition event in Kuwait on November 26. He went on to clarify his claim: "My reactions are probably comparable to when I was younger, but I no longer grow agitated when I'm cornered. Umehara enrolled in his first tournament when he entered GAMEST Cup's national Vampire Hunter tournament in 1995, losing in the block's finals. Retrieved 30 September 2016 — via YouTube. His eyes emit an eerily glow of red due to his brainwashing from either or. The combo thrilled the crowd and was acclaimed by the live french and english commentators. 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After a no-loss sweep in Round 1, he was bumped into the Losers bracket by Haitani during Round 2, and ultimately eliminated during the Semi-Finals by longtime rival. · DAIGO'S SEASON 2016 CAPCOM PRO TOUR OFFICIAL RANKING : 9th 1st , 2nd , 3rd 2016 13th : 0-3 · Red Bull Battle Grounds 2016 7th Vagabond : 2-3 · 2016 7th Phenom : 0-3 2016 Winner vs Phenom : 3-1 · 4th Onuki : 2-3 · Winner vs Ryan Hart : 3-2 · 9th RayRay : 1-2 · Winner vs : 3-2 · 2016 Winner vs Eita : 3-1 · Well Played Cup 2016 2nd Mago : 2-3 Topanga Charity Cup 6 5-on-5 Daigo , Sako , Jyobin , Aaru , Santarou 9th GO1 , Eita , Dogura , Xian , Esuta : 0-5 · 33rd : 1-2 · 2016 5th : 2-3 · Summer 2016 5th Haitani : 0-3 · TWFighter Major 2016 13th : 0-2 · Tokyo Button Mashers 2016 3rd Nemo : 2-3 · 7th Haitani : 0-3 - · Kumite 2016 9th : 0-2 DAIGO'S SEASON 2015 CAPCOM PRO TOUR OFFICIAL RANKING : 10th 1st , 2nd , 3rd Bonchan 2015 Evil Ryu 2nd Kazunoko : 2-3 · Topanga League 5A Evil Ryu Winner 3-2 Win Loss, +6 Game Diff. On July 14, Daigo launched the "Beast" apparel brand in conjunction with apparel makers Nsurgo. Archived from on July 20, 2009. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. In a November interview with Simon Parkin, a 28 year old Daigo stated that he felt he was, currently, at his peak as a gamer. JZEIL grew in popularity and was expected to make a professional debut, but that did not occur and the band was dissolved on September 25, 2001. On June 6, 2013, Daigo spoke at the first in a series of seminars hosted by Tohmatsu Innovation Co, Ltd. Daigo came from behind to win 2-1. In 2003, Daigo won the Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament in the first Tougeki and won the same game in when he joined the event for the first time in the same year, making him the first player to win both the SBO and Evolution in the same year on the same game. On April 26, 2016, Daigo held a talk in conjunction with Mizuho bank and medical professor Yoshiki Ishikawa in Osaka, Japan. · 2012 Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global Tournament v2012 2nd : 0-3 · Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Official National Tournament v2012 Winner vs : 3-0 · Topanga League 2A v2012 2nd 3-2 Win Loss, +2 Game Diff. Main article: Despite having never matched off against him before, Umehara was known for having a supposed rivalry with the American due to their differences in gaming philosophies. He formed a cover band for them in high school. He moved back to Tokyo after his grandfather, became the. With the solo debut of Akihide, Daigo continued his solo project in 2013, but dropped the pseudonym surname "Stardust". He lived in from age 3 to the summer of third grade. He attended Department of Arts, but dropped out. On September 14, 2016, Umehara announced that he had achieved two new World Records recognized by : "Most views for a competitive fighting game match" for his famous match against Justin Wong from Evo 2004 and "Highest all-time rank in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Umehara participated in the Season's Beatings tournament in for the second time October 15—17, the Southern California Regionals tournament in Los Angeles November 6—7, the Canada Cup in Canada November 13—14, and the Northern California Regionals tournament November 20—21. The series is illustrated by Kengoro Nishide and written by Saitaru Orika and Maki Tomoi, with Daigo acting as an editorial supervisor. As the grand prize, he earned a paid flight to Evolution 2010 in Las Vegas where he would start off as a seeded player. At that time, various visual bands were active, and blond hair, flashy makeup, and sexy costumes were trademarks. Umehara, who came by Capcom's invitation, defeated players Iyo, Poongko and Justin Wong to win the tournament. During New Years Day, Daigo wears a brown leather jacket with a white short sleeve shirt, jeans and his black shoes from his primary outfit. · v2012 5th Xiao Hai : 0-2 · 2012 v2012 7th : 1-2 · v2012 3-on-3 , Daigo , Mago 3rd Combofiend , Filipino Champ , Mike Ross : 2-3 Winner vs James Chen SEA Major 2012 v2012 , , 2nd : 5-7 Topanga Charity Cup 2 v2012 5-on-5 Mago , Bonchan , , Daigo , 4th Tonpy , Kiharu Boy , AOI , Gasshuku , KOICHINKO : 4-5 · LG Cup 2012 2nd Poongko : 0-3 2011 Nagoya Street Battle X MadCatz 3-on-3 Daigo, , Mago Winner Nagoya Street Battle 30 3-on-3 , Daigo , Mago Winner vs Piyoppia , Adoribu Ouji , Chiba : 3-0 · 2011 2-on-2 Daigo , Iyo 3rd Nemo , Kyabetsu : 0-2 · GodsGarden 4 9th 4th : 1-2 NorCal Regionals 9 Winner vs : 3-1 ReveLAtions 2011 Winner vs Mago : 3-1 Topanga Charity Cup 1 5-on-5 , Mago , Nyanshi , Bonchan , Daigo Winner vs Yoshio , Ikari Oyaji , Shirou , Hanamaruki , Shungoku Neurosis : 5-4 · 2010 NorCal Regionals 8 4th : 0-2 3-on-3 fLoE , , Daigo Winner vs , Mike Ross , Marn : 3-2 , Winner vs , : 3-0 Canada Cup 2010 , Winner vs Mago , : 3-0 · 3-on-3 Air , Mago , Daigo 3rd Killacam , Jozhear , JSMaster : 2-3 SoCal Regionals 2010 2nd Filipino Champ : 2-3 , Winner vs : 3-0 Season's Beatings V Redemption 25th Marn : 1-2 , , Winner vs Roy Bissel O. In 2008, a Japanese TV show "Gamer's Koshien" refers to Umehara as "God of fighting games world. The rule was the first to win 10 matches will be declared the winner. Archived from PDF on 2011-07-14. He and four other top Japanese players Soushihan KSK, Itabashi Zangief, Mago, and Tokido competed with each other and with celebrities in a Street Fighter IV. I don't need to pick a top tier character, but I want to have a character that can fight the top tiers. Daigo won the match 10-0 against the world Champion Xian. Archived from on May 4, 2010. On August 7, Umehara participated in an all night tournament called "GODSGARDEN. In Street Fighter V, the gold buttons on his jacket are visibly seen. He is a man of honor who never fights dirty. He placed second in singles and first in 2-on-2. Later that month, the documentary was screened at the Film Festival in Toronto, Canada under the name "Living the Game. Daigo said, "I don't care if I play a top tier character. The book continued to be sold exclusively at fighting game events across the globe throughout the remainder of 2016. The event closed with a 3-out-of-5 match between Umehara and Justin Wong, ending in a double-K. On November 30, 2016, Umehara announced that he had entered a new sponsorship deal with gaming headset maker. I can instantly tell opponents apart and categorize them into groups and types according to their personality and weaknesses. Daigo became the most feared player among the Capcom competitive circles when he defeated Alex Valle during an official Street Fighter Alpha 3 world championship in 1998 creating a legion of copycat V-Akuma players overnight with his infamous Demon Flip Vism combo. The volume, published and translated by , was released as an early exclusive for EVO attendees, and is planned for a wider release in December 2017. His disappointing results he finished respectively last and 33rd made him give up on Ryu. Umehara participated in Capcom's "Fight Club" launch party in Los Angeles, United States on April 23. Though Umehara lost the grand finals to Kenji Obata, the clip of him parrying Wong's multihit attack became hugely influential and has been compared to famous sports moments such as and the. He is the undisputed leader of all the gangs in Gedo High who possesses a magnetic charisma and has a strong sense of duty. Several observers noted that Daigo's timing appeared to be off, and that he did not capitalize on key strategic openings during the match. The event, organized by former executive Mark Julio, was live streamed to over 75,000 viewers. On June 27, Umehara appeared in the Red Bull France-produced documentary, "The Art of Street Fighting" alongside fellow pro gamers Xiao Hai, Gamerbee, Tokido, and Luffy. He developed a love of music at a young age when he listened to the Japanese rock band and tried to learn the classical guitar, which he immediately quit to self study the electric guitar instead. In July 2016, an official English translation of Umehara's first book, The Will to Keep Winning, was sold to Evo attendees as an event exclusive. Daigo has participated regularly in a number of tournaments, appearing in at least one each year since his start in 1997, with a brief hiatus in 2008. Daigo won 10-5, leaving Tokido frustrated. He also shows his excitement as well when the player wins during their participation from within the National Sports Day. DAIGO'S SEASON 2014 CAPCOM PRO TOUR OFFICIAL RANKING : 11th 1st , 2nd Bonchan , 3rd 2014 Evil Ryu 9th PR Balrog : 1-2 · Topanga League 4A Evil Ryu Winner 5-0 Win Loss, +22 Game Diff. It was selected by as one of the «Most Hype Moments» of 2015 in a retrospective video. The Canada Cup 2010 official site. Umehara held exhibition matches in which he played various characters including Hakan, Guy, and Dee Jay against a dozen challengers. Nevertheless, Umehara secured a win without ever dropping into the Losers bracket. · NorCal Regionals 2015 Evil Ryu Winner vs : 3-0 · Kumite 2015 Evil Ryu 5th : 0-2 Final Round 18 Evil Ryu 13th Kazunoko : 0-2 · Fighters Invitational 2015 Evil Ryu 5th : 1-2 Canada Cup Masters Series 2015 Evil Ryu Winner 6-1 Win Loss, +14 Game Diff. They also held offline matches and a brief talking segment. Tokido felt very strongly about proving that he was able to beat Daigo. Koichi Yamadera Rival Schools: United by Fate Akio Otsuka Project Justice, Street Fighter V This is about the Rival Schools character. He debuted in 2003 as Daigo Stardust under. American players competed in four games Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and for the right to battle Japan's best players in those respective games. Umehara began writing a column in Arcadia called Umehara Column: Michi, starting with the August issue. It's boring if you go to tournament and you know you're going to run into a really bad match up, it's like 'Oh, I can't win because of the match up'". · Asia Finals 2014 Evil Ryu Winner vs : 7-2 · Taito Arcade Nationals 2014 Evil Ryu 9th Furikuri 2 : 1-2 · 3-on-3 Mago , , Daigo Evil Ryu 2nd Tare-Zou , Scoa , Dath : 0-3 Qualifier Taiwan 2014 Evil Ryu Winner vs : 3-0 · Evil Ryu 49th John Choi : 0-2 Topanga Charity Cup 4 5-on-5 Nyanshi , Daigo Evil Ryu , Mago , Misse , Nemo 4th Gen CT , Yano , PE , Root , Shinchan : 4-5 · Topanga World League 2014 v2012 Winner 6-1 Win Loss, +21 Game Diff. Umehara also went to Evolution 2004 and Absolution 2004 on April 18 in England and won on SSFII Turbo there. He first appears in the arcade version of , in his younger sister 's ending, and is first playable in the game's PlayStation port. Since then, his fierce reputation has not diminished, as he consistently places in the top three in the majority of the 2D games he enters. At the event, Umehara and Killian held a talk, in which Umehara discussed his life in and out of the Street Fighter scene. The series is considered a flagship title for its publisher, Kadokawa Shoten, who are actively marketing the series and have confirmed plans to serialize it in their comic magazine Young Ace UP. At the Capcom Cup 2019 finals, Daigo was eliminated by Tokido with a score of 3-2 in the second round of the tournament, leaving him with a tied 17th-24th place finish to end the 2019 competitive Street Fighter V season. Umehara, playing using the character , was down to his last pixel of and any special attack by Wong's could knock Ken out. A documentary of an exhibition tournament in Japan showing the difference between American and Japanese gaming cultures. From March to May 2017, Umehara participated in the , during which he played solely as Guile. Most of the time, his thoughts are with his younger sister,. His team was eliminated, in the quarter finals. Nothing can mentally break me anymore; I have mastered nervousness and tension. He spoke to a sold-out audience. The international "Grand Championship" was held in San Francisco, on November 8. His first tournament victory came at his second tournament, GAMEST Cup's national Vampire Savior tournament in 1997, where he defeated Ōnuki now Nuki in the finals. On May 15, Nico Nico Live held a Super Street Fighter IV online competition where participating online players on got a chance to fight Japan's 3 top players: Umehara, Mago, and Tokido. Archived from on October 17, 2009. On June 4, Umehara joined the 106th Xbox Live Park online event held by Microsoft Japan with Famitsu's editorial department. In the lecture, Daigo discussed the ups and downs of carving out a niche as a professional gamer. Since 's balance patch in December 2016 that nerfed Ryu to balance the game, Daigo switched to , a charge character. On April 4, Umehara and two teammates participated in an official Street Fighter IV National Tournament and qualified for the top 14. Archived from on 28 October 2018. On May 9, Umehara appeared on the Sunday night program "MAG-NET" in a feature about Street Fighter. After getting 2nd place in Nagoya Street Battle 15 July 4 , Umehara joined Evolution 2010 on July 9—11 and faced a tougher challenge than before with over 1,700 players from around the world participating in the Super Street Fighter IV tournament. Beginning in Group B alongside Snake Eyez and PR Balrog, Umehara pushed his way into the Playoffs, ultimately finishing 8th overall. For the win, he was awarded a free trip to Evolution 2009 in Las Vegas. It was also revealed at the event that Umehara had accepted a sponsorship deal with and would play under their name in future tournaments. Since then, he has continued to play with Guile in spite of a new balance patch that partially restored Ryu in 2017. · Tokyo Game Show 2015 Evil Ryu 33rd : 0-2 · Evil Ryu 9th : 1-2 · Topanga Charity Cup 5 5-on-5 Oshina , Misse , Bonchan , Daigo Mago 2nd Jyobin Nyanshi Kazunoko Nemo · Ouka Ranbu Cup 2015 Evil Ryu Winner 2015 Evil Ryu 17th Xiao Hai Evil Ryu : 1-2 · SEA Major 2015 Evil Ryu 5th Tokido : 0-3 · Stunfest 2015 Evil Ryu, Winner vs : 3-1 - · Topanga World League 2 Evil Ryu Winner 6-2 Win Loss, +13 Game Diff. In the School Life Mode, Daigo is usually seen in his primary outfit with or without his black long school jacket. The interior of his school jacket is purple blue green in some artworks and in-game. After winning the qualifier on May 22, Umehara's team participated in the Super Battle Opera 2010 Street Fighter IV finals on September 19 and won second place. A couple of months later, in a similar match, Daigo beat Infiltration 10-2. Archived from on 22 May 2013. Archived from on March 11, 2010. These events were filmed for the documentary. This was when he discovered that he preferred competing with other players. Street Fighter II often had a very long line with older players, so he began learning Fatal Fury first. Wong attempted to hit his opponent with Chun-Li's "Super Art" move, forcing Umehara to parry 15 attacks in a very short period of time. Around the time when he was a 13-year-old middle school student, Daigo shifted his main game to because he thought he was more skilled in that game than in Street Fighter II. On July 14—16, Umehara participated in EVO 2017. Throughout the in , Daigo is frequently shown to be outgoing and he always participates in every single contest such as cheerleading during the School Fair Day. The book's content is separated into six chapters chronicling the games in which he competes and includes background stories, anecdotes of competitions, and analysis of his opponents. Daigo finally won the tournament beating Momochi 3-1, 3-1. In 2007, he formed the rock band Breakerz. The limited edition of Super Street Fighter IV from the e-CAPCOM store included a special DVD featuring two tournaments between Japan's 8 top players: Umehara, Tokido, Iyo, Shirou, Kin Devu, Momochi, Tokidoki Nukings, and Itabashi Zangief. On April 18, at GameStop's Street Fighter IV National Tournament 2009 in , , four players from three countries held exhibition matches following the main competition. · v2012 7th : 1-3 · Topanga Charity Cup 3 v2012 5-on-5 Jyobin , Nyanshi , Mago , Daigo , 2nd Koichi , Darui , Kyoku , Machaboo , Maikeru-tan : 3-5 · Topanga Asia League 2013 v2012 2nd 5-2 Win Loss, +5 Game Diff. If you want to be considered the best in the world, you have to be able to defeat this guy consistently sorry. On May 27—28, Umehara participated in Red Bull Kumite in Paris, France. The live stream of the event set a new record with an approximate 48,000 viewers at its peak across its two channels 18,000 and 30,000. Archived from PDF on 2010-09-10. In the third and final day, Umehara defeated Justin Wong and placed him in the Losers Bracket, then advanced to the grand finals only to meet Wong again. After winning the tournament by defeating Ōnuki 3-1, Daigo, as the champion, went on to face , the winner of the U. SoCal Regionals official site. After some time and due to the limited time he could stay at the game center, Daigo started challenging other players in Street Fighter II' Champion Edition for an opportunity to play even though he felt shy and had to ask for permission. In 1998, at the age of 17 Daigo participated in Capcom's official national tournament and advanced to the finals which took place on a stage in Tokyo Game Show 1998: Autumn on October 11. · Super Street Fighter IV CR Edition Commemoration Event v2012 2nd : 2-5 2013 Winter 2013 v2012 Winner vs : 3-1 · Topanga League 3A v2012 5th 2-3 Win Loss, 0 Game Diff. The two fought until the last game possible, but Umehara ultimately won the competition. He specializes in 2D , mainly those released by. « You could hear the crowd go wild and if you were watching the stream you could see the stream chat go crazy » wrote in an article, while a french spectator who was in the crowd said that « Daigo's incredible 25-hit combo with Evil Ryu stunned the crowd and the opponent ». This was Daigo's first trip to the U. The show also featured an exhibition match between Umehara and Mago. Together, the three athletes donned the moniker "Cygames Beast," sporting T-shirts with a matching new logo. The matches were broadcast live on 's web channel. Hesitating between and Guile, he finally chose the latter, but decided to try Ryu one more time in Topanga League 6 and Final Round 20. On November 24, 2013, Daigo held a panel at the DODA career fair where he spoke about his experiences as a professional gamer. On December 1, 2016, Red Bull and director Nick McDonald released an eleven-minute documentary on Daigo Umehara entitled, "Mind of a Beast. The September issue of Arcadia magazine included a DVD featuring a set of "Umehara's Concept Matches. The two players met each other in the loser's finals of 's Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament. On March 1, 2017, Umehara announced that he had entered another sponsorship with Japanese game developer Cygames, alongside fellow pro fighting gamers Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis and Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez. The DVD contains exhibition matches between him and Japan's 6 top players such as Inoue, Itabashi Zangief, , Nemo, and Mago. As Wild Daigo in , his black long school jacket is open, showing white bandages to his stomach, and he also has bandages on both of his hands as well. He married , who played in the live-action series , on January 11, 2016. The female equivalent is the which is based on. He won the tournament, losing just one game. Umehara did so successfully and went on to counter a final kick of Chun-Li in mid-air before launching a combo move himself and winning the match. He began voice training during his third year in high school, and formed the band , and performed at his high school festival before graduating. Archived from PDF on 2010-07-04. Because of this, Japanese arcade gaming magazine Arcadia has included a DVD featuring "Umehara Concept Matches" in its January 2009 issue released on November 29, 2008 and "The God has returned" was stated in Umehara's player introduction part. The book reached the 1 best-selling spot on Amazon Japan's Kindle store. He has a scar on his right eye which was inflicted on him by during a past fight that the two had against each other. During the two-hour event, participating Xbox Live Gold members had the opportunity to chat and face off with Umehara in Super Street Fighter IV online matches. The Super Street Fighter IV Technical Guide published by Enterbrain which was released on April 28 includes a DVD featuring exhibition matches of the new characters played by Japan's 7 top players: Umehara, Tokido, Kin Devu, Iyo, Momochi, Itabashi Zangief, and Shirou. It was at one point the most-watched competitive gaming moment of all time. Despite not winning any major tournaments, Daigo's consistent appearance at international CPT events throughout the year was enough to earn him a qualification spot at the 2019 Capcom Cup finals. His primary outfit is a black long school jacket under a white short sleeve shirt, black school pants and black shoes. His best known acting role was as Yukichi Oishi in. This time, his focus was on the newly released. The event took place as a part of Tokyo Game Show 2010 at International Convention Complex. As I haven't felt my physical abilities weakening yet, I think I might be at the peak of my career as a fighting gamer. He won Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter IV Singles competition. The match was best of three games, with five-round games. He currently holds a world record of "the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter" in the. He was also a fan of , a major group under Daigo's current label. In 2002, Daigo appeared in a U. Both events aired as a 50-minute TV report in Japan. The brand is represented by Daigo as well as fellow Cygames-sponsored gamers Snake Eyez and PR Balrog. May 29—30, Umehara went to Australia for the first time to participate in Evolution Asia Pacific's Super Street Fighter IV tournament in Sydney.。 。 。 。 。 。 。